The game was made for GMTK game jam in 48 hours.

The theme was Roll of the Dice.


You can move (A & D) and jump (SPACE). 

Roll the dice, and depending on the number that falls, a random event will happen. 

You have to dial the correct numbers and get to the green door to continue.


You are trapped in the dice dimension.

About the development

This game was really hard to create. :/ AND it was so stressful!


MYline media — Design, Programing -

Game Dav — Design, Level Design + Enemy Logic Design, Writing -

Art - Game-Icons & Kenney

Music — Kraya by Freedom Trail Studio from Youtube Studio

Sfx — generated here ->

Development log


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The game won't run, the Unitiy logo and bar are just chilling there when you press run game