You can switch between three forms of control. The circle inside you is your health. If you want extra difficulty, then collect all the diamonds!


Long ago, in a time beyond memory, the three kingdoms of circle, square and triangle lived in peace and harmony. Until , for reasons long forgotten, they engaged in a brutal feud that would last many many years, that is until today when two brave heroes enlist the help of 1 triangle, 1 square, and 1 circle. Together they must climb The Tower, which at its top contains something said to stop the war, but will they be able to work together and climb the tower? Let's find out...

About the development

This game was really hard to create. :/


MYline media — Design, Programing -

Game Dav — Design, Level Design, writing -

Music — Cold Cracks Us - TrackTribeStayin' Lazy - Godmode from Youtube Studio

Sfx —

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